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About Us

Whirlpools R Us is an independent E-Commerce dealer/distributor on the Internet ONLY. Whirlpools R Us pays the freight on all WHIRLPOOL shipments delivered to your location in the contiguous UnitedStates.

We welcome inquiries from homeowners, builders, and plumbing contractors. You will find the most competitive prices on the Internet available on the lines we sell. Click here to view the 50+ models that we show on the Internet. In addition to these models, we have an additional 75+ models available in various sizes that we can show you via links or attachments to e-mail. With this “arsenal” of products, we feel that we can accommodate your needs. Let us know the shape and/or size of the tub you need, or the area that you have available for the installation and we will submit graphics and specifications for your consideration.

Call our sales team about our new builder tubs in many sizes and shapes. We will send you the info on the builder tub you require via “snail mail” and/or e-mail attachment. Save money with these values.  We are open 24/7!

Contact us for available options and their prices for all of the models of whirlpool or soaking tubs. WE ARE HERE TO SERVE YOU!  We welcome your inquiries. We will e-mail attachment or “snail mail” any information and/or specification sheets that you will require on models that we offer. All products sold by Whirlpools R Us come with the manufacturer’s warranty. A copy of Terms & Conditions of Sale is available upon request.

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