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Bath tubs

While the phrase cheap hot tubs may seem like an oxymoron to some, it is possible to find a number of cheap tubs offered at bargains that will astound you. For those who want to experience the therapeutic comfort that a hot tub can provide, but can’t afford to go all out for a new one, there are a variety of options for finding inexpensive tubs that can save you thousands of dollars.

However, while cheap tubs may be a reality, it is important to keep in mind the reasons why hot tubs are still considered a luxury item. Aside from the initial purchase price of even a Two Person Bath tubs, the cost of chemicals and costs added to your electric bill for using and maintaining a tub can still add fifty dollars or more to your monthly expenses.

While five thousand dollars is the average price for a new hot tub, that usually refers to what dealers label as a six or seven person models, which in reality usually only seat three or four people comfortably. One way to save money on a new tub right off the bat is to consider a two person tub. If you don’t plan on doing a lot of entertaining or have children that will want to use the tub, two person tubs can be the ultimate cheap tubs. Two person tubs don’t have the depth of other models, and offer either two reclining seats side by side or facing each other. These tubs sell for about half the price of larger models, and while considerable less dough is involved here, for most people that is not quite good enough to satisfactorily fulfill the term cheap tubs.

Used hot tubs and jetted bath tubs are other options to consider for those looking for deals on tubs. Although you can’t really host a party or entertain neighbors in your Two Person Bath tubs, you still get the benefits of therapeutic jets and pulsating hydrotherapy, which can be beneficial to tired, achy muscles as well as stress relief. Our article on used tubs also provides valuable information for finding used tubs in your area, as well as tips on how to inspect used tubs prior to purchase.

One other option to consider for finding cheap tubs is checking online auctions for what may be available in your area.

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