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Jetted Bathtub

A jetted bathtub can be a relaxing addition to your bathroom. While hot water on its own has many benefits, when it is coupled with bubbling, jet propelled water, the benefits multiply. In what ways would a jetted bathtub benefit you? Here we will explore some different ways jetted bathtubs can benefit you and the reasons to consider purchasing one for yourself. Some Reasons to Buy a Jetted Bathtub 1. Stress relief – When life gets hectic, we all need to relax. There are many ways we can do this but a jetted bathtub is an especially luxurious and comfortable way to unwind your mind, taking the focus off of your difficulties. 2. Muscle therapy – A Jetted bathtub gives you added muscle tension relief with swirling, bubbling, and/or fizzing water. Most spa bathtubs have multiple jets that may even perform different functions, impelling the water onto your painful body from all angles. Some even let in lumbar jets for a particularly deep massage. 3. Comfort – Just the bubbling water alone may unwind you, but many jetted tubs come furnished with extra comfort factors, including delineated lumbar seating, headrests, and armrests. In some cases, the water actuation and actual jets in a jetted bathtub can be aligned for maximum comfort. And the tub itself may be designed to keep the water temperature at precisely the right level for you. 4. A little luxury – A little luxury and self-maintenance can be good for the mind and body. Some types of corner spa bathtubs include extra features like chromo-therapy lighting and aromatherapy. These perquisites enhance the atmosphere, taking you... read more

Bath tubs

While the phrase cheap hot tubs may seem like an oxymoron to some, it is possible to find a number of cheap tubs offered at bargains that will astound you. For those who want to experience the therapeutic comfort that a hot tub can provide, but can’t afford to go all out for a new one, there are a variety of options for finding inexpensive tubs that can save you thousands of dollars. However, while cheap tubs may be a reality, it is important to keep in mind the reasons why hot tubs are still considered a luxury item. Aside from the initial purchase price of even a Two Person Bath tubs, the cost of chemicals and costs added to your electric bill for using and maintaining a tub can still add fifty dollars or more to your monthly expenses. While five thousand dollars is the average price for a new hot tub, that usually refers to what dealers label as a six or seven person models, which in reality usually only seat three or four people comfortably. One way to save money on a new tub right off the bat is to consider a two person tub. If you don’t plan on doing a lot of entertaining or have children that will want to use the tub, two person tubs can be the ultimate cheap tubs. Two person tubs don’t have the depth of other models, and offer either two reclining seats side by side or facing each other. These tubs sell for about half the price of larger models, and while considerable less dough is involved here,... read more

Whirlpool & Air Jet Tub Design

Imagine almost any design that will look great in your home and you can be assured that Whirlpools R Us will be able to assist you in choosing just the right size, color, and shape that will make your design project a complete success. If you do not see the size and/or shape that you are looking for, just call our sales team at 888.557.9733, or send an E-Mail to :  whirlpoolsRus@aol.com   .  We have many more for you to choose... read more

Whirlpool & Air Jet Styles

FREE DELIVERY!!!! Imagine whirlpool and air jet tub styles that fit your overall design, the right color, and shape; resulting in a perfect style for your home. Styles you can not find in the average home or design center, and all priced with SPECIAL INTERNET DISCOUNT. Just call our sales team at 888-557-9733, or send an E-Mail to:... read more

Whirlpool & Air Jet Bath Tubs

Imagine deep, bath tubs in lots of sizes or corner bathtubs that are just the right fit for your design needs, there is nothing like a deep bathtub for a relaxing bathing experience. Just call our sales team at 888.557.9733, or send an E-Mail to... read more