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Jetted Bathtub

A jetted bathtub can be a relaxing addition to your bathroom. While hot water on its own has many benefits, when it is coupled with bubbling, jet propelled water, the benefits multiply. In what ways would a jetted bathtub benefit you? Here we will explore some different ways jetted bathtubs can benefit you and the reasons to consider purchasing one for yourself.

Some Reasons to Buy a Jetted Bathtub

1. Stress relief – When life gets hectic, we all need to relax. There are many ways we can do this but a jetted bathtub is an especially luxurious and comfortable way to unwind your mind, taking the focus off of your difficulties.

2. Muscle therapy – A Jetted bathtub gives you added muscle tension relief with swirling, bubbling, and/or fizzing water. Most spa bathtubs have multiple jets that may even perform different functions, impelling the water onto your painful body from all angles. Some even let in lumbar jets for a particularly deep massage.

3. Comfort – Just the bubbling water alone may unwind you, but many jetted tubs come furnished with extra comfort factors, including delineated lumbar seating, headrests, and armrests. In some cases, the water actuation and actual jets in a jetted bathtub can be aligned for maximum comfort. And the tub itself may be designed to keep the water temperature at precisely the right level for you.

4. A little luxury – A little luxury and self-maintenance can be good for the mind and body. Some types of corner spa bathtubs include extra features like chromo-therapy lighting and aromatherapy. These perquisites enhance the atmosphere, taking you out of the real world while you soak. Additional conveniences may include a digital FM radio so you can relax in bubbles and tune out all other noises at the same time.

5. Style options – In today’s bathroom design, there are enough of options to select from when searching for a jetted bathtub. There are styles that apparently look like they are whirlpool bathtubs, while many designs now look more like a regular bathtub than whirlpool tub. There are corner tubs, round tubs, and rectangular tubes. Vintage tubs may include whirlpool attachment options as well. Pretty much whatever variety of tub you are looking into, there is a jetted equivalent out there.

6. Dual functions – If space in your bathroom is tight or you just choose things to do double duty, many times hand-held shower attachments either come with or can be added to the jetted bathtub. This adds another layer of function and may be a solution if you need a shower but don’t want a separate shower and bath.

Soaking in a comfortable whirlpool tub may be all you need to calm down and relax after a long day. Whatever options you choose or design preferences you have, consider a jetted bathtub to handle all your stress and tension relief.

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