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HS Ashley PIC

HYDRO SYSTEMS ASHLEY 72x48x20 Whirlpool Tub

The List Price of the ASHLEY, fob factory is $5705.  Whirlpools R Us have the ASHLEY delivered to your location  in the contiguous United States for $3235.

The ASHLEY is also available as an air jet or a combination of whirlpool and air jet operation.  Contact Whirlpools R Us for your discounted, delivered pricing, at 888-557-9733, toll free, 24/7

Product Description

The ASHLEY is the most intimate whirlpool bathtub designed for stylish romantics.  Each side of this spacious tub features its own sculptured armrest, molded soap dish and luxurious pillow headrest (choice of white or black).

At your request, we will e-mail the ASHLEY SPECIFICATIONS to you.  Thank you fo visiting our web site.