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HYDRO SYSTEMS DUO Whirlpool Tub 60x48x18, 66x42x19, 66x48x19, 72x48x19 (see pricing below)

The LIST and NET DELIVERED Prices of the DUO Whirlpool models are:

60x48x18 – list $4465 – net delivered $2550

66x42x19  – list $4575 – net delivered $2625

66x48x19 – list $4630 – net delivered  $2650

72x48x19 – list $4690 – net delivered  $2675

Whirlpools R Us will have your choice of model delivered to your location in the contiguous United States.

The DUO models are available as a air jet, or a combination of whirlpool and air jet operation.  Contact Whirlpools R Us for your discounted, delivered pricing at 888-557-9733, toll free, 24/7.

Product Description

The DUO is the essence of style and luxury.  Designed for two bathers, choose between the pillow headrest, choice of white or black pillow.  All models have molded armrests and sloping backs.

At your request, we will send the DUO SPECIFICATIONS to your e-mail address.  Thanks for visiting our web site.