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HS Whitney

HYDRO SYSTEMS WHITNEY 62x62x21 Corner Shape Whirlpool $2970

The List Price of the Whitney, fob factory is $5225.  WhirlpoolsRus will have the Whitney Whirlpool Tub delivered to your location in the contiguous United States for $2970.

The Whitney is also available as a air jet, or a combination of whirlpool and air jet operation.  Contact Whirlpools R Us for your discounted, delivered pricing, at 888-557-9733, toll free 24/7.

Product Description

The Whitney is a corner shape tub with built-in grab bars, a bench seat and enough room to soak one’s cares away.  With back rests on opposite sides, this tub is a symmetrical design that complements any decor.  The Whitney has a 75 gallons capacity with six jets to provide  vigorous and/or relaxing moments in this tub.

At your request, I will e-mail the WHITNEY SPECIFICATIONS to you.  Thanks for visiting our web site.