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HYDRO SYSTEMS REDONDO ROUND SHAPE 60″ & 69″ diameter $3050 & $3350

Product Description

The REDONDO Whirlpool is a Contemporary design with an offset circular floor, end drain, and gently sloping back, with 6 or 8 jets, depending on the model, for your comfort. The REDONDO Whirlpool is roomy enough for up to 3 bathers. The REDONDO Wirlpool in Gel Coat, is available in two sizes, 60×20, and 69×18. The Options Price List and Specifications are available.

We are including the HydrOzone water purification system with ach of the REDONDO models at no extra charge to you. It will be like bathing in “bottled water”. Ask us to send the information on HydrOzone to you.

The List Price of the REDONDO Whirlpool model 6020 is $5365, with the List Price of the REDONDO Whirlpool model 6918, priced at $5920 fob factory. YOUR SPECIAL DISCOUNTED PRICES ARE $3050 AND $3350, DELIVERED TO YOUR LOCATION.

Ask us about the Thermal Air System and the combination Thermal Air/Whirlpool System.

ALL Hydro Systems Whirlpools are equipped wiith a 2.25 hp pump as a standard feature..

For more information on the Redondo models, call our design team at 888-557-9733 (toll free), or send us an e-mail to whirlpoolsRus@aol.com